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MRI Shielding Services


RF Shield Enclosures and Faraday Cages

There are two distinct applications for EMI shielded enclosures, also known as Faraday cages.  RF shielded rooms are needed for shielding secure rooms by the government and private corporations. The same technology is used to shield rooms for MRI scanners. National provides radio frequency shielding services for both applications.

Industrial Shielding

National Shielding manufactures highly secure RF shielding enclosures for secure communication rooms, radar repair facilities, server rooms, SCIFs, and other applications such as police evidence rooms.  The doors used in our RF shield rooms are specifically designed to prevent high-frequency leakages such as those found in cellular phones and internet data.   In addition, we incorporate soundproofing in our shielded door for very high STC ratings.  

MRI Shielding

MRI scanners are highly succeptible to EMI interference and therefore require either copper or steel faraday cages for their operation.  Magnetic shielding for the high strength magnets used by MRI scanners is also necessary. National has been manufacturing and installing MRI shielded rooms for over 25 years.  


Steel Panel RF Shielding

The National Shielding modular steel shield is an extremely strong shield and also provides some magnetic shielding properties.   The steel modular shield by National Shielding has been shipped and installed in almost every continent in the world.  This modular shield is available to be shipped worldwide and is considered the industry standard for extremely high RF shielding effectiveness.  

For detailed information on our steel RF Shielded Enclosures click here.

Complete RF shielding specifications for our steel RF shielding are available for

download by architects and building professionals.

Copper Modular RF Shield Faraday Cage

The copper modular RF shielded enclosure by National Shielding is a time tested high-quality modular style shielding product. This unique style of RF shield delivers excellent shielding effectiveness and is fabricated of sturdy copper attached to fire-treated wood frames. Each section of the modular shield is fabricated and pretested at our Dallas manufacturing facility and then shipped to the site for installation by National Shielding trained shield installers.  This RF shield is a reliable modular type shield that comes with an available lifetime warranty.

Copper Soldered RF Shielding

Our copper soldered RF shielded enclosure is a popular shield choice due to its extremely high degree of shielding protection and durability.  It is constructed with pure copper sheets attached to support walls and soldered to provide a very high degree of shielding effectiveness.  The copper soldered RF shielding enclosure is an excellent choice for those that are interested in fast installation and competitive pricing.  Our soldered RF shielding has an extremely small profile which provides substantial space saving for smaller rooms.  Like all National Shielding enclosures, the copper soldered shield delivers better than 100db of attenuation.

MRI Magnetic Shielding Design

MRI machines produce very high magnetic fields that can interfere with other instruments and even effect pacemakers.  Designing and installing magnetic shielding to limit the magnetic field of the MRI magnet is provided by National Shielding.  Our  engineering team will calculate the amount of steel needed and our installation teams are trained in proper magnetic steel installation techniques.  For more information please refer to our magnetic shield design page.

RF Shielded Enclosure Repairs

Our trained technicians provide repairs to existing RF shielding including RF Shield Testing  to detect leaks or noise issues.  This includes repairs to existing RF shielding installed by other manufacturers that may have deteriorated over time or been damaged. RF shield doors, RF shielded windows, EMI power filters, and other components of RFshielding enclosures can be repaired or replaced by our technicians. National Shielding uses state of the art RF testing equipment to detect noise problems in existing RF shielded rooms and can make your Faraday Cage perform as good as new. To purchase RF shield parts please visit our shield parts store.

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