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National MRI Shield Experts


How long will it take to install my RF Shield?

​Depending on the size of room and the design that you choose, a typical RF shield manufactured and installed by National Shielding will take between 5 to 15 days to install.  A standard size 1.5T MRI shield room averages about  8 days.  National also installs much larger Faraday cages for industrial applications that may take much longer to install. 

How does your  RF shield design compare to other companies' RF shields?

​National Shielding provides three different types of RF shielding enclosures.  Every shield room that we manufacture meets the most stringent shielding standards and all come with a warranty.  Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence is what allows us to provide the best RF shielding in the business!


How much space will I lose if I use your RF shielding method?

​Our three designs all have different specifications.  If you choose our soldered copper shield, from the inside of the parent walls our shield uses less than one inch of space, which is why many choose this style of a shield, however, all three EMI shield types have their own pros and cons. National Shielding designers will work with you to decide which RF shield works best for your application.

How thick is your shield floor?

​Our RF shield floor is less than one inch thick.  One of the lowest profile floors in the industry.


How do I hang fire sprinkler piping inside the RF shielded room?

​We supply feed-throughs to route your piping into the room and vertical threaded rod hanger for your fire sprinkler piping.  Another option is to run the sprinkler above the room and penetrate vertically where needed.  We would supply the sprinkler penetration of course.


How do I get electrical power into the Faraday Cage?

​​We supply an electrical power filter for each separate circuit entering the shield room.  These are bolted by National to the outside of the RF shielded room and penetrate the shield leaving connections on both sides of the room for your electrical wiring.


Does your RF shield meet all RF shield attenuation specifications?

​Our RF shielding meets or exceeds all specifications for RF shielded enclosures.


What kind of door does your RF shield use?

​We manufacture custom doors in our Dallas facility.  Our doors use stainless steel and copper and are very structurally sound while being quite easy to open and close due to our use of specially engineered patented hardware.   Our latches and handles have the same appearance and functionality of standard commercial door latches but are actually high performance latches specially made for our heavy-duty doors .   

Do you have a guarantee on your RF shielding?

​Our RF shields have a lifetime limited warranty.



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