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National MRI Shielding-Family Owned


History of our RF Shielding Company

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National Shielding is a family owned and operated company based in Dallas, Texas. National was founded by industry specialists with over 50 years of combined experience in the RF shielding industry. Our many years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing RF shielded enclosures resulted in National Shielding being recognized as leading experts in our field.


National Shielding believes that the foundation of any successful project is communication. From the beginning and throughout the company’s growth, National has committed to retaining its small business culture in all of its business. National understands that a company’s ability to communicate with its customers can be stifled by layers of management and administration. For this reason, National prides itself on allowing its customers direct lines of communication with management. This proactive approach provides the personal touch that sets National apart from the rest.

National Shielding delivers a wide array of services for RF shielded room construction. Starting with design and consultation, National helps its clients prepare for the unique challenges inherent in the RF shielding industry. At the onset of a project, National delivers site planning, radio-frequency (RF) and magnetic shielding design, and uses its extensive experience to solve problems before they occur.


The core competency of National Shielding is the manufacturing and installation of RF shielded enclosures. To date National has provided hundreds of RF shielded enclosures worldwide. Each project has its own set of challenges that must be met in order to provide an environment in which the application can be successful. National utilizes both modular and integrated shielding systems to meet these challenges.


In addition to new construction projects, National provides support for existing shielding structures by way of parts sales, shield maintenance, and RF testing services.  

Commitment to the Customer

RF Shielding Products and Services

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