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Steel RF Shielded Enclosure for industrial applications
MRI shield room


Veteran-Owned RF Shielding Manufacturer

National Shielding is a veteran-owned shielding company. All RF shielding manufactured by National meets the extremely high specifications required for EMI shielded enclosures both for MRI room shielding and industrial shielding applications, while our innovative designs allow us to remain competitive in an increasingly cost-conscious global market.

Our commitment to excellence and continual quest for perfection is what sets National Shielding apart as a top tier RF shielding company.

Industrial RF Shielded Enclosures

RF/EMI shielding enclosures are needed for secure communication rooms, radar repair facilities, server rooms, SCIFs, and other applications such as police evidence rooms and crime labs.  Our keen attention to detail, coupled with a strong customer service ethic, makes National a smart choice for all your shielding needs.  National Shielding is a family-owned business that focuses on developing long-lasting relationships with our customers by being accessible, flexible, and attentive to their individual needs.  

National manufactures, installs, and repairs RF shielded enclosures throughout the United States and North America. Our manufacturing facility is centrally located in Dallas, TX while we employ well trained  RF shield installation crews ready to install our products throughout the US and beyond.  All our installation technicians are employed by National Shielding. We do not use sub-contractors.


For more information on our RF Shielded Enclosures click here.


MRi Shielding

MRI scanners are highly susceptible to EMI interference and therefore require either copper or steel faraday cages for their operation.  MRI shielded enclosures are manufactured by National Shielding at our Dallas facility and shipped to hospitals throughout the United States for installation by National Shielding technicians.  


Magnetic shielding for the high strength magnets used by MRI scanners is also necessary and National is one of the few shielding manufacturers capable of designing magnetic shielding for MRI scanners. National has been manufacturing and installing MRI shielded rooms for over 25 years. 

Exterior View of RF Shield Room
Interior of RF Shielding Enclosure

Shown below are representations of the three types of RF shielded rooms manufactured and installed by National Shielding. Copper modular, steel modular, and soldered shielding enclosures.  All three types of enclosures meet the strictest standards for RF shielding and provide different choices for our customers depending on application and specification requirements.

Copper RF Shielding Room
Steel shielded enclosure
Soldered Copper Shielded Room
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